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Sophie is a beautiful Seal Colorpoint. Sophie came to us from Cherished Ragdolls. Thank you to Laurel for entrusting me with this sweet and playful girl, who is now also a wonderful mom.



Carmella is an adorable, Seal Lynx Colorpoint. She has the softest hair. Carmella also came to us from Cherished Ragdolls. She is such a sweet girl, and she is great with our kids. She is also now a mom.



Paisley is one of our future queens. She is a Seal Bicolor and came to us from Royal Secret Dolls in Poland. She is beautiful and already has an amazing personality. She seeks attention and is always purring.



We would like to introduce Tiyara, our future queen. Tiyara is a Seal Lynx Bicolor, who came to us from Hodowla Maskotek in Poland. We're so happy to have her join our breeding program. It was love at first sight with this beautiful girl, and she is very sweet.



Haylee is our newest girl. She is a blue and cream tortie. She came to us from Royal Chabis Cattery in Belgium. We're so pleased with her and are looking forward to seeing her development.

Our Queens: Males
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